About Us

about loadit

About Loadit

Load it. App is a truck delivery app that joins the commercial transportation sector with the individual/business sector, our aim is to create a user-friendly platform that any given individual/business could rely on and benefit from, this will also create more job opportunities and demand for the transportation sector. The end goal of Load it. Is to create an easy and user-friendly and cost-effective way of transporting goods just about anywhere.

about loadit

What we do

Load it. Will have many great features that will cater to the individual/business market such us: Block/Interlock deliveries, sand deliveries, water ( sweet/salty ), furniture deliveries, forklift arrangements, trees removal/delivery, and car delivery services. The user friendly app shall make all the above mentioned services done in a click of a button, that will send immediate notification to the closest vehicle needed, the response will come immediate with the preferred rate for you rather than negotiating and not knowing the actual price, add-ons will be available whether you’d need a helper to support at an extra charge. How many time have you wanted to transfer blocks from on place to another or order a forklift to lower your delivery from abroad but your stuck without knowing anyone ? Well, this app makes it easier for you to source those commercial vehicles with a click of a button, not only that but at an agreed rate, basically what usually the common transportation app does nowadays.

Why Choose Us

On Demand

Why wait for an unknown time to order or get your items ? Or wait for someone to call you for your delivery, easily order through and know exactly when your stuff will arrive.

Live Tracking

Track your truck or order live we make it easier for both client and companies to live track the trucks to know the exact status with live location for your preparation.

Price clarity

You must be tired of looking around different with different driver for different delivery price, with Load it. It is very simple we gather the clear market pricing with price per km alongside services so its clear and fair for clients. NO MORE SURPRISES

User friendly

Load it. Application is user-friendly for all generation in both languages Arabic and English making it easy to order and place your requests, Load it. Is made for both individuals and companies to use to save time and money.

Download The App Now

You can easily download our application on App Store and Google play